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Widow of Westmorlands Daughter

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The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter

The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter

There was an old widow in Westmorland
Who had no daughter but one
And she has prayed both night and day
She should keep her maidenhead long
"Ah, don't be daft, mother," she said,
"And say no more to me
For a fine young man in the Grenadier Guards
My maidenhead's taken from me"
"You saucy cat, you impudent cat,
A-cursed may you be
If some idle rogue in the Grenadier Guards
Your maidenhead's taken from thee"

But the girlie's off to the Grenadier Guards
As fast as go can she
Saying "Give me back my maidenhead,
My mother she nags at me"
So he kissed her and undressed her
And he laid her on the bed
And he put her head where her feet were before
And gave back her maidenhead
Then he kissed her and he dressed her
With a rose in either hand
Invited her round to St. Mary's church
To see his fine wedding

Oh, the girlie's off to her mammy's house
As fast as go can she
"I'm as full a maiden, mammy dear,
As the day you first bore me
He kissed me and undressed me
And he laid me on the bed
Put my head where my feet were before
And he gave back my maidenhead
Then he kissed me and he dressed me,
Put a rose in either hand
And invited me round to St. Mary's church
To see his fine wedding

"Ah, never on foot," her mammy she said,
"In a carriage and pair you'll ride
With four and twenty fine young girls
To go with you beside"
"Ah, who is this?" the bride she said,
"She comes so high to me"
"I see it is the widow's daughter
who ran home and told her mammy"
"How could she do it, how would she do it,
How could she do it for shame?
Eleven long nights I lay with a man
And I never told anyone"

"If eleven long nights you lay with a man,
You never shall lie with me
I'd rather marry the widow's daughter
Who ran home and told her mammy"

Recorded by Fairport Convention on Angel Delight and Tipplers Tales
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