Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Priggish Tom and Piddly Pie

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Priggish Tom and Piddly Pie

Priggish Tom and Piddly Pie
(Anne Dodson)

Priggish Tom and Piddly Pie went to fair on a donkey ride,
Tripped and fell into the sky on an oh, so pleasant evening.

CHO: Sing, dance, glorious notes; Let them out of your glorious throats!
     It won't matter years from now if you once sang off key.
     Dance, sing, glorious steps; show the world that you won't forget!
     It may matter years from now that you once believed in dreams.

Landing on a piece of clouds, they did a jig and laughed out loud;
Forty winks when they were done all on this pleasant evening.

Pie and Tom decided to go to a rodeo with a picture show.
Jumped into the screen, you know, riding on wild horses.
When the picture jumped the track, they hung on to a horse's back;
Ended up on the racing track and won the Kentucky Derby.

Once they hitched a ride to Mars on a transport truck full of foreign cars.
Martians pickle cars in jars and eat them in bag lunches.

Pie and Tom could not get home, so they each put wings on a metronome,
Fueled them up with honeycomb; came down in Nome, Alaska.

Pie and Tom are older now, they'd like to dance; they still know how,
But they gave it up for a house in town and a desk job at the brewery.
But once a month in the full of the moon, with a glint in their eye
     and a silver spoon
They dig for chests of gold doubloons on a floating desert island.
CHORUS (twice)

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