Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics:
Oh that Low Bridge

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Oh, that Low Bridge

Oh, that Low Bridge
1. It's many miles to Buffalo (Oh that low bridge!)
   Balky mule he travels slow (Oh that low bridge!)
   There's gravel on the towpath, there's hornets in the sand,
   Oh pity poor canallers that's so far away from land.

   Look Out! That Low Bridge, Look Out! That low bridge!
   The  captain,  cook and all the crew,
   oh duck your heads way down
   The  fastest  boat in all the fleet,
   "Two Sisters," come to town.

2. There's many locks to shut you in (Oh that low bridge!)
   Every worm must learn to swim (Oh that low bridge!)
   We're loaded down with barley, and timber from the west,
   Now every poor canaller, now do your level best.

3. We're froze up in the winter time (Oh that low bridge!)
   Summer, how the sun do shine (Oh that low bridge!)
   In rain or stormy weather, the captain's on the poop
   All huddled up together, like chickens in a coop.

4. There's groceries in the cabin thar (Oh that low bridge!)
   Never leaks, she's full of tar (Oh that low bridge!)
   There's freckles on the children, there's glanders on the mule
   Mosquitoes by the million that keep that golden rule.
learned by the Left-Handed Complement for Smithsonian gig.
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