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Macarthys Party

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Macarthy's Party

Macarthy's Party

Oh! a noble man you'll see, if you'll only look at me,
The other day I met McCarthy walking down the way
And he did say to me, "Won't you come to our party,
The house to be sure will be crowded to the door". Oh, we'll all be gay and hear
ty, at McCarthy's party,
We'll all let down our hair, Oh Murphys Burkes & Leahys
Will be there with their sheleighlis, down at McCarthy's party

Oh at McCarthy's Party every one was hearty,
Someone hit Moloney on the nose,
With the handle of a broom McCarthy swept the room,
Then a row arose & it was murder,
Murphy and his cousin paralysed a half a dozen,
They hit both swift and hard.
A number of the boys will never make a noise,
'cause they're lying in the ould Church yard,

A lady then did try, for to pacify,
My, but she was a grand 'aul cratur,
Yellin' like a bull, she was beautiful,
Madame Peters couldn't imitate her,
She opened up her mouth, North, East, West & South, for all the world to see,
She couldn't get it shut, so McCarthy put his foot...
Down at McCarthy's party

Then began a row, I'll tell it to you now,
Murph, you see was a bit of a dandy,
Moloney he got up, said he was a pup,
Told him straight he wasn't worth candy.
Murph gave him a look, the frying pan he took,
To poor Moloneys nose........
He gave him such a whacker, right across the smacker,
Down at McCarthy's party

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