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Froggy He

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The Froggy He

The Froggy He

The froggy he am a queer bird
He ain't got no tail almost hardly
He run and he jump and he land on his rump
Where he ain't got no tail almost hardly.

We'd rather have beauty than brains
We'd rather be good looking Janes
We know we ain't witty,
But gee, we are pretty
We'd rather have beauty than brains.

I know how ugly I are
My face ain't no shining star
But me I don't mind it
Because I'm behind it
The fellow in front gets the jar.


I'm tired of living alone
I want me a man of my own
To love and caress me
To dress and undress me
I want me a man of my own


As sung by Judy Cook who learned these camp songs from her mother

tune: Blest Be The Tie That Binds
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