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Freeborn Man

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Freeborn Man

Freeborn Man
 (K. Allison & M. Lindsey)

 I was born in the Southland
 Twenty some odd years ago
 I ran away for the first time
 When I was four years old.

 CHO:     I'm a freeborn man
     My home is on my back
     I know ever' inch of highway
     Ever' foot of back road
Ever' mile of railroad track.

 Got a gal in Cincinnati
 Got a woman in San Antone
 I always loved the girl next door
 But anyplace is home.

Well I got this worn-out guitar
 I carry in-a old tow-sack
 I hocked it about two-hundred times
 But I always get it back.

Well, you may not like my appearance
 And you may not like my song
 You may not like the way I talk
 But you'll like the way I'm gone.

Recorded by: Jimmy Martin
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