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Fort Dix Stockade

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Fort Dix Stockade

Fort Dix Stockade
(Bob Lusk)

Over there, in Fort Dix. New Jersey
That's where I don't want to be
Over there, in that old stockade
Take me back to New York City

Oh you can take me back to Brooklyn
The Bronx or the Queens will be fine
Just turn me loose from this old stockade
I tell you buddy I won't mind

Late last night, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
When I awoke I was mistaken
Please keep my darling safe from harm

I don't want to cross the ocean
Don't want to fight any rich man's war
But if I ever leave this stockade
Ain't never comin back no more

Well talk about the food,
Buddy, we don't get half enough
And the guards, they treat you mean boys
I tell you buddy, it's sure rough

tune: Columbus Stockade
(I was in the Fort Dix, New Jersey, Stockade from
September 1967 to February 1968 because I refused to
serve in Vietnam.  I wrote this song in 1980 when I was
playing with the Irish Bluegrass group 'The Green Ridge
Boys'.  The origional stockade has now been demolished.)

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