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Fanny Power

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Fanny Power

Fanny Power
(W. B.Yeats)

 (Music part A:) When all but dreaming was Fanny Power,
A light came streaming from out her bower.
A heavy thought at her door delayed.
A heavy hand on the latch was laid.

 (Music part A:) "Now, who dare venture at this dark hour
Unbid to enter my maiden bower?"
"Oh, Fanny, open the door to me
And your true lover you'll surely see."

 (Music part B:) "My own true lover so tall and brave,
He lives in next isle o'er the angry wave."
"Your true love's body lies on the pier.
His faithful spirit is with you here."

 (Music part B:) "Oh, his look was cheerful and his voice was gay,
Your face is fearful and your speech is gray;
And sad and tearful your eye of blue.
Ah, but Patrick, Patrick, alas, 'tis you!"

 (Music part A:) The dawn was breaking. She heard below
The two cocks shaking their wings to crow.
"Oh, hush you! hush you! both red and gray,
Or will you hurry my love away?"

 (Music part B:) "Oh, hush your crowin', both gray and red,
Or he will be goin' to join the dead;
And cease you calling his ghost to the mold;
And I'll come crowning your wings with gold."

 (Music part A:) When all but dreaming was Fanny Power,
A light came streaming beneath her bower;
And on the morrow, when they awoke,
They knew that sorrow her heart had broke.

(Music part B)
(Poem by W. B.Yeats. Music by Turloch O'Carolan.)
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