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Cob OCoaling

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Cob O'Coaling

Cob O'Coaling

 We come cob o'coaling for Bonfire time,
 Your coal and your money we hope you'll enjoy,
 Fol-di-day, fol-di-day, fol-di-diddle-i-do-day,
 Down in yon cellar, there's an old um-ber-ella,
 And in yonder corner ther's an old pepper pot (or box)
 Pepper pot, pepper pot morning till neet,
 If you give us nowt, we'steal nowt,
 But wish you good neet!-

(Oldham, Opie, The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren, Oxford, Clarendon,1961.)

 A chumping,wooding or cob coaling chant used when collecting burnables for the

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