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Bonnie Wullie

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Bonnie Wullie

Bonnie Wullie

     Bonnie Wullie! Pretty Wullie!
     Lang Wullie Gaw!
     What'll a the lasses dae
     When Wullie gaes awa?

     Some'll lauch, and some'll greet,
     And some no care ava,
     And some'll kilt their petticoats,
     And follow Wullie Gaw.

     Montgomerie SC (1948), 111 (no. 176), from Galloway.  A
version of the previous item, but which is the elder is
dubious.  The editor collected a version in Rutherglen, 1960,
with its tune: "Bonny Willie, pretty Willie, Bonnie Willie
Shaw," etc.

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