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About the Bush Willy

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About the Bush, Willy

About the Bush, Willy

About the bush, Willy,
 About the beehive,
About the bush, Willy,
 I'll meet thee alive.

Then to my ten shillings
 Add you but a groat,
I'll go to Newcastle,
 And buy a new coat.

Five and five shillings
 Five and a crown;
Five and five shillings
 Will buy a new gown.

Five and five shillings,
 Five and a groat;
Five and five shillings
 Will buy a new coat.

     Gullen Trad. Number Rhymes (1950), 45 (no. 118).
[Gullen supposedly reflects rhymes as used in Scotland, but
this is a Northumbrian song, in Bruce & Stokoe (1882), 110,
with its pleasant tune.]  1.4 alive should be belyve, i.e.

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