Folk Music in The United States


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An Introduction to Folk Music in the United States

ertories, which would otherwise have remained unified.

Another aspect of pan-Indianism in music is based on the prevalent idea of the character of Indian music held by the whites. Whites believe that Indian songs are wild-sounding, cascading, violently accentuated melodies, and indeed, this idea corresponds to the Plains and Pueblo styles. Since many Indians are dependent on tourists for a living, many of them have learned this style even though they live elsewhere. Consequently the Plains style has been replacing some native styles in other areas.

Although in some ways we tend to deplore the changes which have come about in Indian music through the influence of the whites, we must realize that this is only natural and inevitable. On the other hand, we must admire the resilience and flexibility of Indian culture, which has fashioned out of the white influence a kind of music which, although different from the older styles, is nevertheless a genuinely Indian contribution and a living force in the folk music of the United States.

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