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450 Of The World's Best Songs And Hymns, With Lyrics & Sheet music for voice & piano.

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398                       FAVORITE SONGS FOR SCHOOL AND HOME.
I Remember a Sunny Vale, 5
Irish Emigrant's Lament, 7
i Sat Beneath the Maples, 5
I Saw a Ship a-Sailing, $
I See My Home in Twilight, 5
Isle of Beauty, 3
I Stood on the Bridge, 3
Italian Cradle Song, 3
It Came upon the Midnight, 6
I Think When I Read that
Sweet Story of Old, 2 It is Better to Laugh, 3 It was a Breton Village, 6 It was the Noon of Night, 7 I've Been Roaming, 2 I've Been Thinking of Home,I've Come Across the Sea, 5 I've Pound a Joy in Sorrow, 3 PN Left Ballymornach, 7 Ivy Green, 8
I Walked and I Walked, 7 I Wandered by the Brookside,I Was a Wandering Sheep, 5 I Was Seated at Thy Feet, 8 I Welcome Thee, 5 I Will be Happy Yet, 3 I Will Lay Me Down, 6 I Worship Thee, Sweet Will,I Woula I were a Boy Ag'n, 4,I Would Not Die in Sp'gtime,I Would Not Live Alway, 1 I Would That My Love, 7 ~ack and Jill, 3
ack at Sea, 7
amie ! Jamie ! 8
amie's on the Stormy Sea, 6
�net's Choice, 1
eannette and Jeannot, 2
enny Lind'i Bird Song, 5
enny Lind's Good Night, 3
erusalem, My Happy Home,
erusalem, the Golden, 1
essie, Flower of Dumblane, 5
esus is Mine, 6
esus, Lover of My Soul, 1, 2
esus, My All, to Heaven, 5
esus, O'er the Grave, 7
esus, the Very Thought, I
ock o' Hazeldean, 3
ohn Anderson, My Jo, X
ohn Brown's Body, I
ohnny Sands, 2
ohnny Schmoker, 8
oily Jester, 3
oily Old St. Nicholas, 1
oseph Baxter is My Name, 3
oyfully, Joyfully, 7
oy in Sorrow, 3
°7t Joy, Freedom To-day, 8
oyous Song, 6
oys That We've Tasted, 1
oy to the World, 6 Joy Wait on Thy Morrow, 2 Juanita, 2
Judith! Our God Alone, 5 Just as I Am, 4 t ust Touch the Harp Gently, 7
Cathleen, 7 Kathleen Aroon, 3 Kathleen Mavourneen, a Katy Darling, 2 Katy's Letter, 1 Keen Blaws the Wind, 7 Keep a Light Heart, 8 Keller's American Hymn, 4. Kelvin Grove, 2 Kerry Dance, 4 Killarney, 2
Kind Friends,We Meet AgainKindred Hearts, 2 Kind Words Can Never Die,King of Love, 1
Kiss of a Little Child, 8
Kitty Tyrrell, 3
Laddie, 7
Lady Beatrice's Lament. <
Land Ahead, 1
Landing of the Pilgrima. «
Land of Dreams 3
Land of Memory, 1
Land o' the Leal, 1
Land of Our Fathers 8
Land Without a Storm, �
Lang o' Comin', 6
Larboard Watch, 3
Last Greeting, 3
Last night when all wa Brill
Last Rose of Summer, 1 Laughing Glee, 7 Lavender's Blue, 5 Lead, Kindly Light, I Let Erin Remember theDays.i Let Me Dreem Again, 4 Let Not Grief Annoy, 8 Let Other* Dream, 2 Let the Palms Wave, 7 Let Us Sing Merrily, 3 Life Laid Down, 2 Life Let Us Cherish, 1 Light and Rosy thy Slumb'rs, 5 Light in the Window, 2 Light of Other Days, 2 Lightly Row, 1, 4 Like the First Fresh Scent, 8 Linden Tree, 6
Listen to the Mocking Bird, 6 >|-Listen to the Water Mill, 3 List, 'Tis Music Stealing, 3 List to the Convent Bells, 3 Little BennieWas Our Darl'g,2 Little Birdie in the Tree, 1 Little Bird on the GreenTree, 2 Little Boy Blue, 6 Little Brother, Darling Boy, 1 Little Cherry Blossom, 7 Little Children, Can you Tell,7 Little Children's Day, 4 Little Drops of Water, 1 Little Eva, 7 Little Gypsy Jane, 6 Little Lips, 8 Little Maggie May, 3 Little Orphant Annie, 6 Little Sunbeam, 8 Little Tin Soldier, 7 Lochaber No More, 3 Lock! Lock! Ahoy! 7 Lo, the Heavens Rending, 4 Lone Starry Hours, 8 London Bridge, 5, 6 Longing for Spring, 1 Long, Long Ago, 1 Long, Weary Day, 2 Look in My Face, Dear, 4 Look Not Upon the Wine, 4 Lord, Dismiss Us, 3 Lord, Forever at Thy Side, 3 Lord,in this ThyMercy's Day, 1 Lord, We Come Before Thee, 4 Lord, with Glowing Heart, 2 Lorena, 7
Lo, the Seal of Death, 3 Lotus Flower, 6 Loud the Sounding Strings, 3 Love and Mirth, 2 Love at Home, 3 Love, Hope, Happiness, 1 Love, I Will Love You Ever, 4 Lovely Mary Donnelly, 7 Lovely May, 4 Lovely Nancy, 8 Lovely Rose, 1 Love Not, 2
Love's Golden Dream, 7 Love Smiles No More, 3 Love's Ritonella, 3 Love's Young Dream, 3 Loving Voices, 4 �Low-Backed Car, 4 Lucy's Flittin', 4 Lullaby from Erminie, 9 Lullaby, Lullaby, 6 Lurlaline, 4
Maggie'e Secret, T
Maid Elsie Roams, 3
Maiden and Rose, 7
Maid of Llangollen, 3
Maid of the Mill, 6
Majestic Sweetness, 5
Make Me No Gaudy Chaplet, 4
Make the Best of It, 2
Make Your Mark, 2
Maltese Boatman's Song, 6
Mamma's Love, 8
Mandolin Song, 6
Maple from the Wildwood, 3
March, March, 5
Marching Song, 2
March of the Cameron Men, 7
Marseilles Hymn, 1
Mary and Martha, 4
Maryland, My Maryland, 3
Mary Morrison, 5
Mary of Argyle, 3
Mary of the Wild Moor, 7 Mary's Tears, 7 Maxwelton's Braes, 1 May is Here, 1 May Margaret, 4 May Queen, 2 Meek and Lowly, 1 Meet Me by Moonlight, 5 Mellow Horn, 2 Mellow Notes of Horn, 7 Melodies of Many Lands, 1 Men of Harlech, 6 Mermaid's EveningSong,8 Merrily Every Bosom, 2 Merrily Greet the Morn, 1 Merrily, Merrily Sing, 3 Merry Hours of Youth, 6 Merry May, 7 Merry Swiss Boy, 3 Midnight Moon, 8 'Mid Scenes ofConfusion.s Midshipmite, 8 'Mid Woods and Forest, 6 Miller of the Dee. 2 Miller's Daughter, 3 Mill May, 1 Mill Wheel, I Mine Own, 6 Minstrel Boy, I Mistress Santa Clans 5 Monarch of the Woods, 5 Month of Apple Blossom, 1 Moon is Beaming, 3 Morning Red, 1 Mother, are there Angels, 3 Mother's Wish, 1 Mountain Boy, 5 Mountain Bugle, 3 Mountaineer's Farewell, 3 Mount'nMaid's Invitat'n,i Mowers' Song, 1 Murmur, Gentle Lyre, 4 Murmuring Sea, 5 Musical Alphabet, 3 Music at Nightfall, 5 Music Everywhere, a Music of Labor, 5 Music on the Waves, . MustI leave thee.Par'dise.s Must I Then Leave, 5 Must JesusBear theCross,5 My Ain Countrie, 2 My Childhood's Love, 8 My Country, 'Tis of Thee, 1 My Friend is the Man, 8 My Heart and Lute, 4 My Heart is Light, 6 My Heart is Sair, 8 My Heart's in Highlands, 1 My Jamie's o'er the Sea, 6 My Jesus, as Thou Wilt, 4 My Laddie Far Away, 7 My Life is Like the Rose, 7 My Little Valley Home, 8 My Love Beyond the Sea, 8 My Mother Dear, 3 My Mother Loves MeNot, 1 My Mother's Bible, 2 My Mother's Song, 4 My Nannie's Awa', 4 My Native Land, 8 My Own Guiding Star, ? My Own Native Land, 3 Nancy Lee, 2 National Hymn, I Nearer, MyGod.toThee.i, 4 Near the Lake, 1 Neva Boatman's Song, 4 Never Alone, 6 Nevei is MyHeartSoGay, 4 Never Say Fail, 2 New Hail Columbia, 5 Nice Young Girl, 6 Nice Young Man, 6 Nicodemus, the Slave, 3 Night and Day, Love, 7 Night is Fine, 4 Nigh to a Grave, 4 Night Sinks on the Wave,6 Ninety and Nine, 2 Nobody knows the Tr'ble,5 None Can Tell, 2 Norah Darling, 8 Norah McShane, 7 Not a Sparrow Falleth, 6 Not for Joseph, 3 NothingTrue butHeaven, 7
Not in Halls of Splendor ,8
Now All the Merry Bells, 3
Now Thank We All Our God, aj
Now the Day is Waning, 5
Now the Merry Spring, 6
Now to all a KindGood-night.y
Nun Danlcett Alle Gott, a
Nymphs of Air and Sea, 7
O Alien Brothers, 8
O Be Just, 8
O Boatman, Row Me O'er, (
O Come, All Ye Faithful, x
O Come, Come Away, 1
O Come, Emmanuel, 6
O Come, Maidens, Come, 4
October Gave a Party, 5
O Could Our Thoughts, a
O County Guy, 7
Ode for Decoration Day, 8
O Dear Sixpence, 3
O'er the Sea in My FairyBoat,3
O Fair Dove, O Fond Dove, 4
OfAll the Busy People Round,"
Oft in Danger, Oft in Woe, 3
Oft in the Stilly Night, 1
Oh, Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie.S
Oh, Broad Land. 8
Oh, but You've Been Lang, 6
Oh, Dearest Mae, 6
Oh, Don't You Remember, 3
One, Mamma, 6
Oh, for a Thousand Tongues, 5,
Oh, for a Heart to Praise, 7
Oh, Gaily thro" Life Wander, 4.
Oh, Give Me My Arab Steed, 7-
Oh, Gladly We Hail Thee, 1
Oh, Hope, Delusive Dream, 6
Oh, How Cold the Winter, x
Oh, I Have Had Dreams, 6
Oh, I'm a Happy Creature, 6
Oh, Is It Thus We Part, 7
Oh, Jacob, Get the Cows, 7
Oh, Loved Italia, 5
Oh, Many a Time I'm Sad, f
Oh, My Bravest and Best, J
Oh, Pilot.'tis a Fearful Night, 4
Oh, Sister Dear, 5
Oh, Smile as Thou Wert Wont.3,
Oh, Solemn Hour, 5
Oh, Susanna, 7
Oh, Sweet and Dim theLight. 7
Oh.TakeMe Back to Switz'l'd.a
Oh.Tell Me What it Meaneth, 1
Oh, That I Never More 4
Oh, the Flowers in Wildwood,*'
Oh, the Lone Starry Hours, 8
Oh, the Sailor Shall Sing, 6
Oh, Touch the Harp, 4
Oh.Touch Those Chords, 4
Oh, 'twas Sweet to Hear Her, 6
Oh Hush Thee, My Baby, 3
Oh, Wert thou in Cauld Blast, 4
Oh, What is the Matter, 4
Oh, Who So Gay and Free, 5
Oh.Why Does the White Man.y-
Oh,Why Left I My Hame, 3
O Jesu, Thou are Standing, x
O Land of Saints, 4
Old Arm Chair, 3
Old and Young Marie, 7
Old Coltage Clock, 1
Old Easy Chair by the Fire, 8
Old Familiar Place, 1
Old Friends and Old Timea, a
Old Granite State, 3
Old Grimes, 2
Old House at Home, 3, 8
Old Hundred, 1
Old King Cole, 7
Old Oaken Bucket, 1, 4
Old, Old Song, 5
Old Rosin the Bow, 2
Old Santa Claus, 6
Old Santa Claus in Christmas.,7
Old Tubal Cain, 4
O Mary.Call the CattleHome, 7
O Native Land, 8
Once Again, 5
Once Again, O Blessed Time, r
Once Again the Flowers, 4
Once in Days of Golden, 4
Once I Saw a SweetbrierRose.i
Once More, My Soul, 7
OnceThere was a Little Voice,*1
One by One the Sands, 4
One Morning, Oh So Early, 8
One N«9:ht Came on 8
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