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Book of Nature.�All children should settle in their own minds whether they will be Eyes or No Eyes; �whether they will see for themselves, or let other people look for them, or pretend to look and dupe them and lead them about�the blind leading the blind, till both fall into the ditch. God has given you eyes and it is your duty to use them. If your parents tried to teach you in the most agreeable way by beautiful picture-books, would it not be ungrateful and wrong to shut your eyes and refuse to learn ? Then is it not alto�gether wrong to refuse to learn from your Father in Heaven, the great God, who made all things, when he offers to teach you all day long by the most beautiful and wonderful of all picture-books, which is simply all things that you can see, hear and touch, from the sun and stars above your head to the mosses and insects at your feet ? It is your duty to learn His lessons. God's
Book, which is the Universe, and the reading of God's Book, which is Science, can do nothing but good, and teach you nothing but truth and wisdom. God did not put this wondrous world about your young souls to tempt or mislead them. So, use your eyes, your senses and your brains, and learn what God is trying to teach you by them. I do not mean that you must stop there and learn nothing more. There are things which neither your senses nor your brains can tell you; and they are not only more glorious, but actually more true and more real than any things which you can see or touch. But you must begin at the beginning, and the more you try to understand things the more you will be able here�after to understand men, and that which is above men. You begin to find out that truly Divine mystery that you have a mother on earth, simply by lying soft and warm upon her bosom: and so it is by watching the common
natural things around you, and considering the lilies how they grow, that you will begin at least to learn that far Diviner mystery�that you have a Father in Heaven. So you will be delivered out of the tyranny of darkness and fear, into God's free kingdom of light and faith and love; and will be safe from the venom of that tree which was planted long ago, and grows in all lands and climes, whose name is the Tree of Unreason, whose roots are conceit and ignorance and its juices folly and death. It drops its venom into the finest brains, making them call sense nonsense. It drops its venom into tenderest hearts, and makes them call wrong right, and love cruelty; but any little child who will use the faculties God has given him, may find an antidote to all its poison in the meanest herb beneath his feet.�Charles Kingsley.
Mozart and Haydn being at a party, the former laid a wager with the latter that he could not play at sight a piece of music which he (Mozart) would compose. Haydn accepted the challenge, and Mozart speedily wrote down a few notes and presented them to Haydn, who, having played a prelude, exclaimed,: " How do you think I can play that ? My hands are at each ex�tremity of the piano, and there is at the same time a note in the middle." " Does that stop you ?" said Mozart; " well, you shall see me do it." On coming to the diffi�cult passage, Mozart, without stopping, struck the note in the middle of the piano with his nose; and every one naturally burst out laughing. What made the act more ridiculous was that Haydn had a flat nose, while that of Mozart was prominent, well adapted for such notes.
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