Familiar Songs - Their Authors & Histories

300 traditional songs, inc sheet music with full piano accompaniment & lyrics.

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My Country, 'tis of thee, 595.
My dearie, an' thou dee, air of, 304.
My heart's in the Highlands, 97.
My life is like the summer rose, 233.
My lodging is on the cold ground, air of, 381.
My Mother's Bible, 622.
My Old Kentucky Home, 64.
My wife's a winsome wee thing, 390.
Nae luck aboot the house, 394.
Nairn e, Lady, sketch of, 484 ; songs by, 248, 417,
484, 486, 606, 648. Napoleon I., his opinion of English music, 343. Nathan, Isaac, sketch of and song by, 269. Near the lake, 274. Nelson, Sidney, sketch of, 190; songs by, 99,
190, 379, 382, 389. Neukomm, Sigismond, sketch of, 109 ; songs by,
109, 139. New Highland Lad, The, song of, 501. Nicolo, song by, 29. Nid, niii, noddin', song of, 393. Noble Sir Arthur, air of, 420. Noel, Thomas, sketch of and song by, 630. Norton, Caroline, sketch of, 30; songs by, 31,
102, 236, 537.
Oak and the ash, The, 80.
O boys, carry me 'long, 286.
O'Carrol, his singing, 330.
O'Connor, William D., defends Mrs. Allen's title
to " Rock me to sleep," 71. Oft in the stilly night, 32. Oh, no, we never mention her, 354. Oh, take her, but be faithful still, 389. Oh, think not my spirits, 467. Old and young courtier, The, ballad of, 435. Old arm-chair, The, 20. Old Dog Tray, 4. Old Dutch Clock. The, 141. Old Folks at Home, 69. Old Head of Dennis, The, air of, 267. Old King Cole, 439. Old Oaken Bucket, The, 18. Old Sexton, The, 632. Old Woman, The. the air of, 238. O Nannie, wilt thou gang wi' mef 272. One bumper at parting, 459. O'Neil, A., Irish har| er, 503. O, say not tha'. my heart is cold, 228. Osgood, Frances S., her description of Eliza Cook,
20. Oswald, James, his collection of tunes, 265. 0, swiftly glides the bonnie boat, 60. O Tannenbaum, air of, 478. 0 whis le, and I'll come to you, my lad, 420.
Paddy Whack, air of, 567.
Paine, Robert Treat, Jr., sketch of and song
589. Parke, his " Musical Memoirs" quoted, 42. Partant pour la Syrie, 509. Pat Malloy, 89. Pauper's Drive, The, 630.
Payne, John Howard, sketch of and song by,41 Pearce, James, sketch of and song by, 173. Pease, Alfred H., sketch of and song by, 230. Pepys, Samuel, quoted, 328, 435.
Percival, James Gates, sketch of and song by
278. Percy, John, sketch of and song by, 154. Percy, Thomas, sketch of and song by, 272. "Perdita," Mrs. Robinson, sketch of, 345. Pestel, Paul, sketch of and song by, 491. Phillips, Henry, his story of " The Light of Other.
Days," 34; his "Recollections" quoted, 110, LS.H,
435 ; anecdotes of, 139, 176. Phyla, Prof., song by, 587. Piercy, song by, 614. Pike, Albert, sketch of and song by, 580. Pilgrim Fathers, The, 103. Pilot, T/ie, 190.
Pitt, William, sketch of and song by, 114. Planche, James R., sketch of and song by, 251. Planxty Kelly, air of, 260. Planxty Reilly, air of, 407. Poor Jack, 178. Poor Tom, 162.
Porter, Mrs. David, song by, 859. Portmore, air of, 97. Powell, James, stanza by, 154. Praed, Winthrop Mackworth, sketch of and
song by, 14. President's March, air of, 586. Procter, Bryan Waller, sketch of, 109 ; songa
by, 109, 139, 398. Purday, C. H., song by, 574.
Queen'8 Jig, The, air of, 454. Quodling's Delight, The, air of, 80.
Rain on the Roof, 56.
Rainy Day, The, 620.
Ramsay, Allan, sketch of, 82 ; songs by, 83, 385.
Randall, James Ryder, sketch of and song by,
478. Rawlings, Thomas A., sketch of and song by, 95. Reasons fur Drinking, 464.
Reeve, William, sketch of and song by, 571 Reid, William, song by, 248; stanza by, 399. Reilly, Myles, song by, 83. Road beef of Old England, The, 442. Robin Adair, 355 ; what Burns and Ix>ver say of
it, 241. Robinson, Mary, sketch of and song by, 345. Robinson Crusoe, 444.

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III