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And how do you know, with the comforts I've towld,
Och hone ! Widow Machree, But you're keeping some poor fellow out in the cowld,
Och hone ! Widow Machree ! With such sins on your head, Sure your peace would be fled, Could you sleep in your bed
Without thinking to see Some ghost or some sprite, That would wake you each night,
Crying, " Och hone! Widow Machree."
Then take my advice, darling widow Machree,
Och hone ! Widow Machree. And with my advice, faith I wish you'd take me,
Och hone ! Widow Machree. You'd have me to desire Then to stir up the fire, And sure Hope is no liar
In whispering to me, That the ghosts would depart, When you'd me near your heart,
Och hone! Widow Machree.
Theke was an old song, of which Burns has retained only the name and the chorus in his " Duncan Gray." He writes to Thomson, " the air is of that light-horse gallop that precludes sentiment. The ludicrous is its ruling feature." And Thomson replies, " Duncan is a lad of grace, and his humor will endear him to everybody." Hon. A. Erskine, writing to the poet, says: " Duncan Gray possesses native, genuine humor. ' Spak o' loupin' o'er a linn,' is a line that of itself should make you immortal.*'
A llegro.

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