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Modulation {continued). The Stride
Another very easy modulation is that called by the eminent theorist Dr. Percy Goetschius 'the stride.' This means the passing from any major key to its subdominant minor, or from any minor key to its dominant (major), and will show a difference of four chromatic signs in the signature. Thus, if- for the modulation from C to F is substituted C to f minor; or, from E to A, E to a minor;
we have this device:
lb             4b's        4J}s                 \
is simply the taking of the tonic chord of the first key, adding to it a minor seventh, and then resolving it in the normal manner to a minor key.
On the principle that in modulating, as in other things, it is always easier to descend than to ascend, the reverse process is not quite so simple and natural; nevertheless, it is useful and available. It will be achieved by taking any minor key and modulating to its dominant (major, of course). This may be done by any of the methods shown in the last lesson; e.g.,
By combining 'the stride' with the 'next signature' method remote keys may be reached with great facility, and the student may make endless experiments in this
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