9000C FORKED DEER Dan Gellert and Shoofly. Old time mountain music with guts and swing-from solo fiddle to classic string band sounds.

9004C GOIN' DOWN THE COUNTRY Steve Garcia and Matt Levine. Country music-1930's style! Upbeat clawhammer banjo plus heartsongs, gospel and comic songs.

9005C GOIN' NOWHERE FAST Uncle Willie and the Brandy Snifers. High spirited old-time stringband with more than 20 years of playing together.

9006C WHEN THE YANKEES CAME DOWN Major Contee and the Cornbrake Rattlers High energy string band recreates classic performances from early country music. Super

9008C STILL LAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS The Lazy Aces String Band Old-time country string band with outstanding singing and musicianship

9009C OLD TIME FRIENDS A compilation of recordings of the current old-time scene recorded by Ray Alden who produces the "Young Fogies" series.

9016C MIND BANDS Andy Cahan Collection of tunes from older musicians and some contemporary songs by the multi-talented Andy Cahan.

9017C DOWN HOME RAG Vesta Johnson Some familiar and some rare Missouri fiddle tunes. Unusual noting patterns and classic old-time bowing. Bob Bovee joins the fun.

9018C GOING ACCROSS THE RIVER TO HEAR MY BANJO RING Carlie Marion with Andy Cahan Old time fiddle and banjo duo with deep respect for Mt. Airy influences. Carlie's banjo has been ringing for over 70 years.

9020C TIMELY OLD TUNES FROM ILL-MO AND BEYOND. The ILL-MO Boys. Most enjoyable old time string band with a penchant for odd tunes from the Illinois-Missouri area.

9021C EVOLUTION GIRL Double Decker String Band. One of the finest present day old-time string bands plays an assortment of their favourite sacred and secular songs.

9022C BACKSIDE OF BUNCOMBE The Volo Bogtrotters. Popular hard driving old-time stringband plays and sings 21 tunes and songs. Featuring some Illinois and Indiana tunes.

9023C TAKE ME AS I AM Bruce Molsky and Bob Carlin. Two fine musicians join their fiddle and banjo forces to play tunes and songs from the roots of American music.

9024C THE VOLO BOGTROTTERS as themselves. More of this popular mid-western stringband whose music takes you back to the heyday of old-time music.

9025C TROXSONG The Troxell Brothers. Clyde and Ralph sing and play fiddle and banjo in their Rockybranch, Kentucky tradition.

9026C FEEL BAD SOMETIME Tracy Schwarz. Tracy weaves that bluesy feeling through a broad scope of American traditional music.

9027C SALT AND GREASE The Boiled Buzzards Fiery old-time stringband plays old-time traditional dance music. Harmonica, banjo, guitar, bass and some vocals.

9028C SARO Matokie Slaughter & the Back Creek Buddies. Matokie with Alice Gerrard and Virgie Worrel Richardson singing and playing 20 selections from Matokie's traditional old-time repertoire. Banjo fiddle and guitar.

9029C LOTUS DICKEY Vol.1 A treasure of fiddle tunes from Orange County Indiana that focuses on Lotus' old-time fiddling.

9030C LOTUS DICKEY Vol.2 Features radio transcripts and home recordings.

9031C EIGHT MILES FROM HOME Pete Sutherland. Traditional old-time tunes plus three original tunes. Fiddle, twin fiddles, banjo and guitar.

9033C RAMBLING AND WANDERING The Wandering Aces. A string band sound that reflects the era before old-time and bluegrass became such distinct forms.

9035C FOR AN OLD TIME CALL The Double Decker String Band. A variety of authentic old-time singing and playing by one of the best string bands currently performing.



A celebration of the Kimble Family music tradition.

9038C A MOMENT IN TIME Brad Leftwich and Dan Gellert. A match made in old time heaven! Fiddle duets and fiddle and banjo.

9039C PRAIRIE DOG. Lynn "Chirps" Smith. Master fiddler features unusual Illinois tunes with a little help from his friends. Fiddle, banjo, uke and guitar.

9042C TOUGH LUCK. The Volo Bogtrotters. Another fine collection of old time music from this midwestern stringband. Fred Campeau, "Chirps" Smith, Steve Rosen, Jim Nelson and Tony Scarimbolo.

9043C/CD FINE DINING The Boiled Buzzards. The Buzzard's driving sound features harmonica and banjo lead, an old-time dance band from Cleveland, Ohio. Dance all night and a little longer.

9044C THE ROUND PEAK BAND The Galax "big band" sound lives on! Powerful stringband music and strong vocals.

9045C COME OVER AND SEE ME SOMETIME. Bob Bovee and Gail Heil.. .Comfortable feeling of good friends, good music and good times. Traditional songs and tunes from family and friends, 78rpm records and field recordings.

9046C THUMPING ON A WELL ROPE. The Allen Street String Band. Fine old-time music and ballads, high spirited and humorous, from the mid-west.

9047C FIRST 1/2 CENTURY. Mac Benford and the Woodshed Alstars. Truly an all star string band. Mac's favourite songs and tunes through the years-inspired by a love for the music.

9048C LIVING IN BLACK AND WHITE. The Heartbeats. A high energy collection of 14 traditional and contemporary fiddle tunes. Captivating!

9050C ON A COLD WINTERS NIGHT. Tom and Ben Paley. Old time tunes by Tom and his son. Some fine Swedish fiddling.

9054C FINE AS A FROG'S HAIR. The ILL-MO Boys. Unique old-time string band music collected from Southern Illinois-Missouri area. Music for pure enjoyment by excellent musicians. Fiddle, mandolin and guitar.

9056C THE RED MULES. by themselves. Old-time music and songs by a prize winning stringband. Features Ohio tunes and early country singing. A must for players and listeners alike.

9057C BLUE FLAME. Vesta Johnson. Missouri fiddler from a long family of musical traditions. Known for her dance music, sometimes straightforward, sometimes bluesy, always inspiring. Unique noting style.

9059C/CD MIDWEST HARVEST. Lynn "Chirps" Smith A feast of mid-western fiddle tunes with a variety of acoustical accompaniment by noted mid-western talent.

9060C RAILROADING THROUGH THE ROCKIES. Jim Bowles. A collection of Jim Bowle's music spanning 23years of powerful fiddling and clawhammer banjo. Collected by Jim Nelson, folklorist and guitarist.

9061C PRETTY CROWIN'CHICKEN. The Rhythm Rats. Great collection of old-time southern mountain music. Solid instrumentals and lively harmonies. Fiddle, banjo, guitar and vocals. Kenny Jackson, Whit Mead and Paula Bradley.

9062C HOE-DOWNS, HORNPIPES AND HOKUM. Patt and Possum. A perfect musical compliment of classy fiddle(Charlie Walden) and eloquent piano(Patt Plunket).

9064C/CD SALLY WITH THE RUN DOWN SHOE.. A.C. Overton & Lauchlin Shaw. Lyrical fiddle and banjo duets from the Piedmont region of N. Carolina recorded by Wayne Martin, folklorist, N. Carolina Arts Council. Special fine production with well written notes.

9065C/CD CHASING RAINBOWS. Double Decker String Band The Double Deckers unearthed some real old-time gems from the likes of the Mississippi Sheiks, the Georgia Yellowhammers, Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers among others. Delightful musical collage sewn together by multi-instrumental virtuosity and good humour. Concise and detailed notes.

9066C/CD RURAL ROUTE 2 Bob Bovee & Gail Heil. Travel the back roads with Bob and Gail in what some have said is their best recording yet. Their simple instrumentation and beautiful harmonies breath new life into old country and cowboy tunes.

9067C/CD OLD TIME STRING BAND WITH VOCAL ACCOMPANIMENT. The Volo Bogtrotters. A rich mixture of old-time songs and tunes with a variety of instrumentations and vocal mixes including their well known twin-fiddle sound. This is their best yet.

9068C/CD THE KONNAROCK CRITTERS. Cornbread & Sweetpeas. This young old-time band has plenty of punch and drive while upholding the character of the music, whether it is a fast stepping fiddle tune, a waltz or one of those mountain heart songs. Their style, fully their own, echoes their Greyson County musical roots.

9069C/CD I BELIEVE I'LL GO BACK HOME. The Rhythm Rats. Archaic fiddle tunes, heart songs, mountain blues and ballads. Honest enthusiastic performances by an accomplished

string band who love the music.


ASH1C BOATING UP SANDY Wilson Douglas One of today's great fiddlers from the tradition of Southern music. Wilson plays 17 tunes backed by Kim Johnson(banjo) and Mark Payne(guitar).

ASH2C HANNAH AT THE SPRING HOUSE Melvin Wine Melvin's legendary fiddling is featured on 24 tunes from his family and West Virginia tradition. Banjo and guitar backup by Ron Mullenex and Gerry Milnes.

ASH3C SAY OLD MAN Glen Smith Glen, a master fiddler from the Galax area of Virginia, delights listeners with 22 American fiddle tunes backed by Dwight Diller(banjo) and Gerry Milnes(guitar).

ASH5C OLD TIME BANJO ANTHOLOGY VOL 2 5 string banjo recordings by Clyde Howes, Ward Jarvis, Brook Hardway, Clyde Chase, Phoeba Parsons, Sylvia O'Brian, Pete Humphreys and French Warner.

ASH6 VINTAGE WINE Melvin Wine Melvin, a National Heritage Fellowship Award Winner, fiddles tunes from his rich Appalachian heritage- also a rare opportunity to hear Melvin sing. Kate Brett(banjo), Gerry Milnes(guitar).

8002C IN THE LAND OF CORN AND WINE The Otis Brothers Bob Guida ang Pat Contee with 19 tracks of blues and sanctified music.

6501C THE OLD TIME FIDDLERS OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND A collection of field recordings by Ken Perlman that captures a fine old tradition of fiddle music.

6502C DEVIL IN THE KITCHEN Ken Perlman Take lively Celtic fiddle tunes and arrange them for melodic clawhammer banjo.. That's just what Ken did. Banjo and guitar.

4010CD LIGHT YEARS AWAY Debbie McClatchy A clear voice and solid clawhammer banjo. Traditional tunes both old and new. Dynamite arrangements and an energetic and witty performance.

9011C IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN Old Time String Bands Vol 1 Old time string band compilations from Golden Age recordings. Lots of fiddle tunes and some great songs.

9111C GOIN’ UP TOWN Old Time String Bands Vol 2 More old time string band instrumentals and vocals from the golden age of radio.