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Second Movement.
Bars 5 to 8 twice.—2nd man takes 1st woman's right hand, and leads her down the set to bottom, polka step four times, 1st man following. When at the bottom, 1st man takes his partner's right hand, and leads her up the set to places, 2nd man following, looking rather disconsolate (8 bars).
Third Movement. Upsetting.
Bars 0 to 12 twice.—1st and 2nd couples polka and change places (8 bars). The couple working down the line dance to the men's side and then into the place below them. The couple passing up the line dance out to the women's side, and then in to the place above them, thus—
Bars i to 8.—Face as at start ; Nos. i and 2 dance back to back, right shoulders touching (four bars), thus :—
Both couples then part and fall back into line by the end of the eighth bar.
The 1st couple now repeat dance with 3rd couple, the 3rd man taking 1st woman down set, etc.—
In all country dances the dancers stand in two straight lin s, the men lacing the women, as in " Sir Roger de
i rley." Any even number of dancers can take part. It is the general rule that the couple standing top should work down the line to the bottom of the set. By this means all the couples will become top in turn, and when they nach top. must stand still during one evolution and then in their turn start working down the line. In the changing of places or " upsetting," as some dancers call it, couples can polka in the usual way, or take right hands or both hands. The dance continues till the first couple are back in their places.
12.—SJi P AND FETCH HER. Must           to yourself.
First Movement. i to 4 twice.— ist woman and 2nd man take right hands.
'nan and 2nd woman do the same, the hands of ist woman and 2nd man being on top.
Dance round, polka step four times (4 bars), thus—
" Step and fetch her " can also be danced in the following manner—
Bars 1/04 twice.—For the 1st Movement, dance the 2nd Movement given above.
Second Movement.
Bars 5 to 8 twice.—1st couple dances down the middle,
holding right hands, and back again, polka step four times.
While they are doing this, 2nd couple moves up to 1st
couple's place, and 1st couple takes the place of 2nd couple.
Third Movement.
Bars 9 to 12 twice.—Both couples dance round in their own places.
The dance continues as before.
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