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A Manual Of Morris Dances Folk-songs And Singing Games With Sheet Music And Instructions

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Compiled by Mrs. G. T. KIMMINS.
Dances arranged by M. H. WOOLNOTH.
Curwen's Edition, So. 5634,
Programs for Mayday, Empire Day, Michaelmas, and similar festivals . < 'Id English Customs and Dances adapted for Children ; Ball Exercises, regarded particularly from the standpoint of health culture. The dances and exercises are those used at the Bermondsev Settlement.
Prefatory Note. By the Rev. Alderman J. Scott Lidgett, M.A., L.C.C., Warden of the Bermondsey University Settlement.
The Origin of the Organized Play in use at the Guild of Plav
Special Characteristics of the Scheme.
S iggested Programmes and Materials for Use for— An Early English May Day (p. 4). A Modern May Day (p. 12). Empire Day (p. 18).
Midsummer Eve, or St. John's Eve (p. 24). Michaelmas (p. 28). All Hallow E'en (p. 28). St. Nicholas Day (p. 11). Christmas (p. 33), New Year's Day (p. 34). Twelfth Night, etc. (p. 38).
With notes, descriptions, and full details as to music and costumes.
Toe adaptation of Old English Customs and Dances for use of Children with notes and figures.
The Famous Greensleeves Song and Dance, before 1580 (p. 5).
Dance of Garlands (p. 7).
A May-pole Dance (p. 9).
A Specimen Morris Dance with Handkerchiefs (p. it).
A Dance of the Seasons (p. 13).
A Spring Flower Dance (p. 15).
Midsummer Rose Dance (p. 25).
St. Nicholas Shoe Dance (p. 32).
Christmas Dance (p. 35).
Sir Roger de Coverley (p 36).
Holly and Mistletoe Dance (p. 37).
Frost and Snow Dance {p. 37).
Icicle Dance (p. 37).
Cushion Dance {p. 39).
Sellenger's Round (p. 41).
Minuet (p. 43).
With others, which have been specially arranged for Guild of Play performances.
Ball Exercises, regarded particularly from the curative standpoint, and therefore useful for Special Schools, Cripple Play Centres Convalescent Homes, and Vacation Schools.
Of Pari I, the Journal of Education says —
" Of the making of books of work and of lessons there is no end, and a book of play will therefore be all the more welcome. ... In answer to the ever-increasing number of teachers and educators generally who, from time to time, witness the festivals at the Bermondsey Settlement, we have at last a Guild of Piay book. It gives us a history of the folk-■ongs and carols of Merrie England, together with the most popular ol these songs and their musical accompaniments ; suggested programmes for our great national festivals, and notes, descriptions, and full details as to music and costumes. Not the least important part consists of some valuable recreative and remedial exercises. The book is a most con­venient size and shape for the piano, and Miss Rennie has surpassed herself in the drawing of the delightful Kate Greenaway pictures of the uaint dancers. The get-up makes it an admirable gift book wherever there are children, from the luxurious nursery to the slum playground."
Price, in paper boards, 5s. ; postage 4d.
Piefatory Note. By the Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop ol London, President of the Guild of the Brave Poor Things and of the Guild of Play.
The Music of the Book.
Introduction of Story of the Guild of Play Children's Pageants.
Steps for General Practice.
The Tale of Prince Richard's Mumming.
The same being a representation by the children of the Guild of Play from the Bermondsey University Settlement of the famous Christmas Masque made by the citizens of South-east London for the entertainment and diversion of young Prince Richard, son of the Black Prince, a.d. 1376. in the Great Hall of the Manor of Kennington beside Lambeth.
Pro 11 'gue.
Dance of the Pages and Maidens.
Two Christmas Dances :
fa] The Carole " Good Christian men, rejoice."
[b] The Yule Dance. An Ancient Measure. The Mumming Dance. The Wassail Song and Dance. The Ancient Craft Dance of the Tailors [Scissors and
Cottons]. The Egg Dance. A Grecian Ball Dance. The Heritage Waltz.
Processional Karile, " Listen, Lordings, unto me." Carol : " Merrily ring the Christmas bells."
A Christmas in Old Bermondsey House—
A Yuletide of the period when Sir Thomas Pope was appointed by Queen Mary as the guardian of the Princess Elizabeth shortly after Wyatt's insurrection. The feast was planned by Sir Thomas Pope in old Bermondsey House in honour of the Princess Elizabeth, at his own cost, and even in the days of magnificent pageants was one of marked importance.
This Children's Pageant has 9 speaking parts, 9 dances, 4 carols. Full directions as to dances are given, with words, music, and illustrations ; the whole forming a complete guide to representa­tions by any number of children.
The Feu de Joie.
Country Dance (ApShenkin).
Carol : " Good King Wenceslas."
Minuet for Eight.
Trenchmore : a Country Dance.
Off she goes : a Country Dance.
The Dance of the Hobby Horse.
Carol : " The Boar's Head."
Let's have a Dance.
A hunting we will go.
A Sword Dance.
The Waits' Song.
The Rosemary Dance, or Dance of Remembrance.
Additional items
The Llangattock March, by J. W. Kitnmins.
A Child's Slumber Song, by the Lady Hen-y Somerset
Price, in paper boards, 5s.; postage 4d
PART III, containing National and Continental Dances, is also published at the same price.
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