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The dancer then repeats from bar 9 of music—that is side step, capers, and again side step, and at end of side step third time, instead of doing both hop, both hop six times, she only does it four, and finishes with four capers and cries.
When there is more than one dancer, the music is played twice for each movement.
These are the movements with music :—
Music, First 8 bars.—1 2 3 hop, six times, etc.
Bars 9 to 22.—Side step, etc.
Bars 23 to 34.—Capers, etc.
Bars 9 to 22.—Side step, etc.
Bars 23 to 34.—Capers, etc.
Bars 9 to 22.—Side step and all in.
Jockey to the Fair can also be danced in a different manner. A figure called Half-Capers is danced in the first movement, and the Capers are varied.
The start is made with left foot.
Bars 1 to 8.—1 2 3 hop | 1 2 3 hop | 1 2 3 hop | 123 hop I side step | side step, feet together | caper R L j R feet together | as in the following illustration :—
In these illustrations—
ft = feet together.
Rb = right foot behind.
Lb = left foot behind.
It will be seen that in the 5th and 6th bars of Fig. II two quick capers are made.
Second 4 bars.—Hold hands above heads, cross under handkerchiefs, left shoulders touching. When you get across, turn so as to be able to look at partner, when you will find yourself standing on the slant. You then turn backwards under your own hand to place.
Third 4 bars.—Leaders and bottom couple turn and dance towards each other, leaders dancing under centres and taking handkerchiefs over bottom couple, bottom couple dancing under both leaders and centres. Cross as in second 4 bars.
Hold handkerchiefs as high as eyes and dance 4 bars, while the hobby horses dance underneath the raised handkerchiefs.
Cross as in second 4 bars again.
All face opposite direction from start, and begin dance all over again. This can be danced until the leader calls " All in."
This dance is danced by knotting handkerchiefs, holding the unknotted corners in the right hand so that partners are joined by the handkerchief.
The step is :—
Right foot just in front of left, hop on it |
2 bars.
Left foot just in front of right, hop on it J
At the same time a slight swing is made with the body
to the side of the front foot ; that is to say, when
the right foot is in front there is a slight swing
to the right ; and when the left is in front a swing
to the left ; the whole giving the effect of a sailor's
roll. This is the step throughout.
The evolutions are as follows :—
First 4 bars.—Hop down two bars, back two bars, face partners.
POP GOES THE WEASEL {Country Dance)—
Form up in two lines. Top couple join hands and dance in a ring with the left hand dancer of the second couple, who, at the words " Pop goes the Weasel," darts under the hands of the others and goes back to her place.
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