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1 O She looked out of the window, As white as any milk; But He looked into the window', As black as any silk.
Hulloa, hulloa, hulloa, hulloa, you coal black smith !
O what is your silly song ? You never shall change my maiden name
That I have kept so long; Pd rather die a maid, yes, but then she said, And be buried all in my grave, Than Pd have such a nasty, husky, dusky, musty, fusky,
Coal black smith
A maiden I will die.
2   Then She became a duck,
A duck all on the stream ; And He became a water dog. And fetched her back again. Hulloa, &c.
3   Then She became a hare,
A hare all on the plain ; And He became a greyhound dog, And fetched her back again. Hulloa, &c.
4  Then She became a fly,
A fly all in the air; And He became a spider, And fetched her to his lair. Hulloa, &c.
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