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i There was an old man in a wood,
As you shall plainly see, sir, He said he'd harder work in a day
Than his wife could do in three, sir. If that be so, the old wife said.
And this you will allow, sir, Why, I'll go drive the plough to-day.
And you shall milk the cow, sir.
2   But you must watch the speckled hen
For fear she lay away, sir, And you must watch the spool of yarn,
That I spun yesterday, sir. The old wife took the stick in hand.
And went to drive the plough, sir, The old man took the pail in hand,
And went to milk the cow, sir.
3   But Tiney winced and fussed about,
And Tiney cocked her nose, sir, And Tiney gave the man a kick,
That blood ran from the blows, sir. O Tiney! pretty Tiney, dear,
My pretty cow, stand still, ah! If you I milk another dav­it's sore against my will, ah !
4   He went to feed the little pigs
That were within the stye, sir, But knocked his head against the door,
Which made the blood to fly, sir. He went to watch the speckled hen
Lest she should lay away, sir, But clean forgot the spool of yarn
His wife spun yesterday, sir.
5   He went within to fetch a stick
To give the pig his hire, sir, But she ran in between his legs
And cast him in th<* mire, sir. And as he looked at pig and cow
He said, I do agree, sir, If mv wife never works again
She'll not be blamed by me, sir.
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