Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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couple, arch under. Now by alternating over and under, keeping the spacing even, and by careful timing, it all goes as smoothly as clockwork, and is great fun.
2. a) Second couple advances to third couple, joins hands, and the four circle full around, so the second couple is left toward the center of the set. At the same time the fourth couple advance to the first couple, join hands and they circle full around, leaving the fourth couple toward the center of the set. All four couples are in a line with all the other couples down the hall, b) The first and second couples raise their arched hands and the third and fourth couples make ready to pass under. On the word GO they pass through and ad­vance right on toward the oncoming couples of the next set. If they have just arched over, they now duck under, then over with the next, then under, and so on and on. In a few moments the whole line has slipped into a continuous flow so that every couple passes alternately over and under each other couple coming from the opposite direction.
When a couple reaches the end of the hall they turn (the couple pivoting) and accept the rhythm of the oncoming couple. That is, they go either over or under to accommodate the motion of the oncoming couple. This puts them in the correct rhythm to pass back the length of the hall alternately over and under. Each couple must co^ttinne in the direction they were facing at the time of the first over or under. They* must continue in tiWs direction until they re^eh the end of the iiaJL; Jfhm tfeey turn around and go under in the opposite #|»ot|on to the other end of the hall And tfeeit tley faHn a$d fatten to their original places on the floor*
Fix in th$ iiiipd ^ e#eh couple that they ixmst go to both ends of tijia l&tfti^j ret&rn to place before they have done.
The $#ck-an#-$ive patter, or something like it can be kejpt gf&ibf by the ealler, or he ean settle clotvn for a )op&if?fl''pntiji1 all aouplfs are back; in place.
8., S^& pa^e i$i for ixplanation or substitute any other ending given there.

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