Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Siring at the center and swing at the sides. Swing at the center and swi?ig at the sides. Swing at the center and swing at the sides. d) Now allemande left with your left hand.
Right hand to partner and right and left grand.
And promenade, oh, promenade.
Second and fourth couples forward and back
Repeat (a), (b), (c), and (d). Third and first couples forward and back.
Repeat the whole dance again. Fourth and second couples forward and back.
Repeat the whole dance again.
3. Any further ending usually omitted.
1.  See page 149 or substitute any other introduction given there.
2.  a) The first and third couples each advance four steps to
the center of the set, curtsy to each other and return with four steps to places.
b)   They advance agaiji to the center and stand facing each other while the side couples separate from each other, and stand individually at the four corners of a larger square outside the set.
c)   The first gentleman takes the third lady by both hands and swings around with her so that they exchange places and the third gentleman does the same with the first lady. At the same time, as the center couples swing in this way, the side couples also swing. The second gentleman advances to the fourth lady. They meet {at the home position of couple number one), t^ke both hands and swing^kround exchanging posi­tions, *ocl th@y walk -backward to the other's original positioii At the same tinae the second lady advances to ike tmxih gentleman (meeting him in the original |)0siif#H tof th^ third couple) they take hands, turn, anid go to $&&ti other's corners.
(to fea^h repetition each continues around this s<|i$jr? |ii tfea direction he is going, the individuals of the second awd fourth couples going from corner to corner of the larerer outer sauare. and the individuals

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