Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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EIGHT HANDS OVER                                 201
3. And everybody swing.
Allemande left with your left hand,
Right to your partner and right and left grand,
Promenade eight ivhen you come straight!
Repeat 2 and 3 entire for second, third, and fourth couples.
# $ a
The last line of the figure is often called differently:
Hug those girls and go like thunder!
Hold your holds and go like thunder!
Ox-Squeeze 'em tight and go like thunder!
It is best, perhaps, to keep changing the last line, as you call, for the sake of variety.
1.  See page 14*8 for directions or substitute any introduction given there.
2.  a) First couple advances to second couple.
b)   The two ladies join both hands across rights to lefts, and the two gentlemen likewise join their hands to≠gether over the ladies' hands.
c)   The two ladies bow low and pass in under the gentle≠men's joined arms which are raised and swung back so as to rest around the ladies' shoulders. The gentle≠men then bow and pass their heads under the ladies' joined hands, which now rest behind the gentlemen's necks.
d)   The ladies break their holds and crook their elbows tightly around the gentlemen's necks. (This is very important, or there may be an accident.) The gentle≠men also let go of each other, and with their arms crossed over the ladies' shoulders, each takes a hold as securely as possible under the ladies' armpits. They all four throw their heads back as far as possible and circle to the left, the gentlemen lifting the ladies. The

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