Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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second couple finds their outside and still join hands under which the first couple passes now above their other arms which have been pulled through and under. This pulls them face to face; then as the pulling arms continues it brings them shoulder to shoulder (the shoulders of the pulled arms, of course) then back to back. By this time they have been pulled through, and marvelous! they too have "wrung a dishrag" and are back in the original circle of four.
e)   See page 160 for directions or substitute a longer call.
f)   First couple advances to third couple and repeats with them. Then to fourth couple and finally back to place.
3. See page 152 for directions or substitute any other ending given there.
This figure can be complicated by substituting the following call; for b), c), d), and e) :
Roll that jug along the floor, Keep on rolling and roll some more. Now roll it back, till your back gets sore, Keep on rolling, and couple up four. Now docey-doe with the gent you know, The lady goes see and the gent goes doe.
In this case there is no preliminary diving under the arms and back, but the first couple go directly under the arched arms of the second couple and with a dishrag con­tinue straight on until they have pulled the second couple through under their arms. The second couple now go back under the first couple's arms and with a dishrag continue until they have pulled the first back through to their original position. Then the four join hands, circle left, and do a docey-doe.

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