Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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e) And on to the next.
Repeat 2 as written, beginning with (b). Repeat again changing last line to: Balance home.
3. And swing 'em all night. Allemande left, Go left and right. Some'll go right
And some'll go le-e-eft! (With a long drawl.) Meet your partner and promenade.
Repeat 2 and 3 for second, third, and fourth couples.
1.  See page 148 for directions, or substitute any other intro­duction described there.
2.  a) First couple advances to second couple.
b)   First gentleman, taking regular dance position, swings second lady, and the second gentleman swings first lady, putting them down to the right.
c)   Each gentleman swings his own partner and puts her down on his right.
d)   See page 160 for directions and for variations of the docey-doe call.
e)   First couple with lady on the right advances to third couple and repeats from (b). Then they advance to fourth couple, and repeat from (b). Then they re­turn to their places in the square and all four couples balance.
3.  See page 154 for directions, or substitute any other end­ing found there.
Note: Some of the variations of this call, especially the last couplet, are:
Your gaVs pretty, so is mine,
I'll swing my gal every time. Or—
An even swap, an even trade,
Your pretty gal for my old maid. (or vice versa) Or simply—
Opposites swing,
Partners swing

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