Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Right hand to partner
And right and left grand.
Promenade eight when you come straight.
Repeat 2 and 3 entire for second, third, and fourth couples.
1.  See page 148 for directions, or substitute any other intro­duction described there.
2.  a) First couple join hands and walk to second couple.
b)   All four turn left face and join right hands held high and march around for four steps, still holding hands.
c)   Break holds, and each does a rightabout-face, and they all join left hands and march back.
d)   Break holds; first gentleman takes second lady by the right hand and swings her around behind him and releases hold. Second gentleman does the same thing with the first lady.
e)   Each gentleman takes partner by left hand and swings her around behind him to place.
f)   First gentleman takes partner's left hand in his right and advances to the third couple, being sure his part­ner is on the right side when he faces the new couple with whom they repeat b through /. On next repeti­tion he advances to the fourth couple.
g)   After the last repetition he walks back to place with his partner, and all four couples do a balance by sep­arating four steps then coming together again.
3.  See page 152 for directions or substitute any other ending described there.
The figures (b) and (c) are sometimes called as follows: 1) Star by the right And how do you do? Back tvith the left, And how are you?

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