Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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the left. The next to last line of the call Sioing her the half and the other half too indicates to me, alas, that it is all too often done as a double elbow. But it shouldn't be.
(23)   Ending:
Promenade in single file,
And just let me remind you,
To turn right back on the same old track
And swing that girl behind you.
(Explanation: The entire group promenades around the set in single file, with each lady preceding her partner. On the call turn right back each gentleman turns around (right face or toward the outside of the circle) and swings the girl behind him, twice around. He then puts her down in front of him and they promenade in single file again. Thus each time he turns back and swings a new girl. This call has to be repeated three times (four times in all) until each gentleman gets his own lady back. The caller usually then adds:
Promenade to places noiv.
and they all promenade in couples back to their own positions.
A slight variant of this call that is sometimes heard is:
Noiv single promenade with the lady in the lead. Turn right back in the very same track, And swing that girl behind you.
(24)   Ending;
Promenade in single file
Lady in the lead and Indian style,
Turn right back and swing 'em aivhile.
(Explanation: The same as No. 23 except on the word 'Indian style" the dancers usually crouch and with hands over mouths give an Indian war whoop.)
A variant of this call is:
Break that circle with the lady in the lead,
Single file, Indian style,
Stop and swing her once in a while.

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