Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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Four hands up and here ice go Around and around and a docey-doe. A doe and a doe and a little more dough, Chicken in a bread tray pickin' up the dough And one more change and on ive go.
And you will find it is timed so perfectly to the figure that as he says on you go, you have finished it all and are presenting yourself and your partner to the next couple for the next figure in the dance.
In some parts of the Western country I find what I con­sider to be a corruption or simplification of the docey-doe. It consists simply of the women doing a pair of figure eights around the men. It would follow the simple call :
Swing your opposite with your right, Now your partner with your left, Noiv your opposite with your right, Now your partner with your left.
With no passing between and no turning left at the start it is easier for beginners to do. And I am convinced that that is how it happened—the original form was too difficult and was lost. And it is natural that these simpler variants should appear. The only difficulty is that each group thinks his variant is right. They will ask you quite innocently, "Do you do it the right way or the wrong way?" meaning "Do you do it my way or your way?" They seldom know anything of the history of the figure; they only feel that the way they first learned it, even if it were only last week, is the "old way" and any variation they learn this week, regardless of how ancient or authentic it may be is, of course, to them the "new way." It is truly inspiring to see the autonomous pride with which each group feels certain that it alone is authentic and the rest of the world is out of step.
The Lady Round the Lady and the Gent So Low
This is one of the simplest, the commonest, and the most popular of the dances that uses the docey-doe. And so, as soon as your sets have all mastered the docey-doe, it is a good call to begin with. Some fours may still be having trouble with their docey-doe. But if those who know how

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