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Thou art gone up on high . . Thou art the way; to Thee alone Thou didst leave Thy throne Thou hidden love of God,whose Thou hidden source of calm Thou knowest, Lord . . . Thou Lord of life, our saving Thou, to whom the sick . .
Thou, Whose Almighty word. Thou.Whoseunmeasuredtemple See 6 Thou, Whose own vast temple Thou very present aid . . . Though faint, yet pursuing. .
Thro' all the changing scenes Through the night of doubt . Thy life was giv'n for me . . Thy way, not mine, O Lord To Him who for our sins . . To our Redeemer's glorious . To the name of our Salvation To Thee, O dear, dear Saviour To Thee, 0 Lord, our hearts we To Thy temple I repair . . . To-day beneath benignant skies To-day Thy mercy calls me Trumpet of God, sound high .
Upward where the stars are Wait, my soul, upon the Lord Walk in the light; so shalt thou Was there ever, kindest
See Souls of men, why will ye Watchman, tell us of the night We bid Thee welcome . . . We bless Thee for Thy peace We cannot always trace the way We give immortal praise
, We give Thee but Thine own We give Thee thanks, 0 God We have not known Thee . We love the place, O God . We march, we march to victory We plough the fields and scatter We pray Thee, Jesus, who didst We thank Thee, Lord, for this We would see Jesus for . . . Weary of earth and laden with Welcome, delightful morn . .
Welcome, happy morning, age
What are these in bright array.
See Who are these in bright array What grace, O Lord, and beauty What shall I render to my God When all Thy mercies, 0 my When Christ from Heaven came When I can read my title clear When I survey the wondrous. When morning gilds the skies When our heads are bowed .
188 246 158 495 441
439 609 161
Emma Toke Bp. G. W. Doane Emily E. S. Elliott G. Tersteegen Rev. Charles Wesley Jane Borthwick Rev. S. Longfellow Rev. Godfrey Thring
Rev. John Marriott
Pater Omnium
Ston el eight
(Italian Hymn (i)
( Westerdale (2)
H. J. Gauntlett A. Cottman Rev. T. R. Matthews J. Booth H. J. E. Holmes J. Barnby
Gardiner's Melodies C. S. Jekyll Felice de Giardini H. Hiles
103 461
303 426
343 219
254 3io 624 55 547 270 606
514 413 440
Charles Wesley
Rev. J. N. Darby
Tate and Brady B. S. Ingemann F. R. Havergal Rev. Horatius Bonar Rev. A. T. Russell Anne Steele Tr. J. M. Neale J. S. B. Monsell William C. Dix James Montgomery Denis Wortman Oswald Allen A. Brooks
Rev. Horatius Bonar William F. Lloyd Bernard Barton
Downfield (Foundation (1) ( Judea (2) Horsley St. Asaph Harrow St. Denys Comforter Divine St. Stephen Redemption St. Edith Golden Sheaves Nuremberg Valete Blairgowrie Rangoon
H. E. Button H. W. Parker Rev. J. B. Dykes W. Horsley W. S. Bambridge J. Farmer F. Spinney S. Reay Rev. W. Jones C. Gounod J.H. Knecht A. S. Sullivan J. R. Ahle A. S. Sullivan Rev. J. B. Dykes C. Wood
J. B. Calkin F. A. Hervey T. Haweis
352 619 287 538 379 623
555 617 496 290
33 185
John Bowring James Montgomery Anonymous John Bowring
Rev. Isaac Watts
Bp. W. W. How R. M. Offord Rev. T. B. Pollock Rev. W. Bullock Rev. Gerard Moultrie Matthias Claudius Rev. G. Phillimore Bishop Cotton Ellen S. Ellis Rev. S. J. Stone
V. Fortunatus
St. Geo's. Windsor
Camden Road
Lux ^Eterna
i Watts (1)
! Mansfield (2)
St. Chrysostom
St. Cecilia
March to Victory
Wir Pfliigen
Perfect Love
(Christ Church (1)
| Mansfield (2)
( Wel.Hap.Mor. (1)
( Fortunatus (2)
G. J. Elvey
Rev. J. B. Dykes
A. Hudson
C. Gounod
Rev. J. S.B.Hodge
J. Barnby
J. Booth
Rev. H. B. Turner
J. Barnby
Rev. L. G. Hayne
J. Barnby
J. A. P. Schulz
J. Goss
G. W. Chadwick
J. Barnby
J. Langran
C. Steggall
J. Barnby
J. B. Calkin
A. S. Sullivan
443 168 222 434
E. Denny Rev. Isaac Watts Joseph Addison C. F. Alexander Rev. Isaac Watts Rev. Isaac Watts Tr. Rev. E. Caswall Rev. H. H. Milman XX
Marguerite St. Peter
Sabbata (Sharon j Liampadarius Arlington Hamburg Laudes Domini Redhead
E. C. Walker A. R. Reinagle H. F. Hemy A. H. Mann T. A. Arne Arr. by L. Mason J. Barnby R. Redhead

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