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Be still, my heart, these anxious Before Jehovah's awful throne Before the day draws near its Begin, my tongue,some heav'nly Behold, the Bridegroom cometh Behold, the Master passeth by Behold the throne of grace Behold us, Lord, a little space Beneath the cross of Jesus Blessed Jesus, here we stand Blessed Saviour, thee I love Blest be the tie that binds . Blest day of God, most calm
Blow ye the trumpet, blow Book of grace, and book of Bow down Thine ear, Almighty Bread of Heav'n, on Thee I feed Bread of the world in mercy . Brief life is here our portion .
Brightest and best of the sons Brightly gleams our banner . By Christ redeemed, in Christ
Call Jehovah thy salvation . Calm on the listening ear . Cast thy burden on the Lord Child Jesus comes from . . Children of the heavenly King Christ, above all glory seated Christ for the world we sing Christ is made the sure . . Christ is our Corner-stone . Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ the Lord is risen again.
Christ the Lord is risen to-day Christ whose glory fills the skies Christian, dost thou see them Christian! seek not yet repose City of God, how broad and far Come, every pious heart . . . Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Come hither, ye faithful
See 0 come, all ye faithful Come, Holy Spirit, come . . . Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove Come let us join our cheerful Come, let us sing the song of . Come, my soul thou must be Come, my soul, thy suit prepare " Come," said Jesus' sacred voice Come sound His praise abroad
Come, Thou Almighty King . Come Thou fount of ev'ry . . Come, Thou long expected . .
Come to our poor nature's night
See Holy Ghost, the Infinite Come to the Saviour now . . Come unto Me when shadows Come unto Me, ye weary . .
91 29 114 216 259 475 467 322 560 339 457 42
249 81 553 572 579 523
144 388 580
418 126 414 143 334 207 588 540 548 177 181
180 3 389 390 529 206
Rev. John Newton Rev. Isaac Watts Rev. John Ellerton Rev. Isaac Watts Rev. Gerard Moultrie Bp. W. W. How Rev. John Newton Rev. John Ellerton Elizabeth C. Clephane B. Schmolck Rev. Geo. Duffield Rev. John Fawcett J. Mason
Rev. Charles Wesley
Thos. Mackellar Rev. T. E. Powell Josiah Conder Bp. Reginald Heber Bernard of Cluny
Bp. Reginald Heber
T. J. Potter George Rawson
James Montgomery E. H. Sears Rev. John Cennick Hans C. Andersen Rev. John Cennick Tr. by Bp. Woodford Rev. Samuel Wolcott Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Tr. Rev. J. Chandler Rev. A. T. Gurney Rev. M. Weisse
Rev. Charles Wesley Rev. Charles Wesley
f St. Andrew of Crete I Tr. J. M. Neale Charlotte Elliott Rev. Samuel Johnson Rev. Samuel Stennett Simon Browne
Day's Ending
Cater ham
St. Christopher
Tender Shepherd
(Lenox (1)
(Christ Church(2)
Spanish Hymn
Eucharistic Hymn
i St. Ninian (1)
I Brightest & Best 2
Trust Gabriel St. Bees Andersen Pleyel's Hymn St. Oswald Amory Triumph Darwall Resurrexit La?tabundus (Vienna (1) 1 Cantone (2) Charterhouse JSt.And.ofCre.(i) I Holy War (2) Vigilate Chesterfield Raleigh Mendon
L. Mason
J. Barnby
Arr. from Handel
G. A. MacFarren
Geo. Kingsley
A. King
A. Cottman
F. C. Maker
J. Barnby
F. James
L. Mason
J. B. Calkin
L. Edson
C. SteggaU
E. H. Turpin
Ger. Mel. Arr.S. Dyer
Spanish Melody
Rev. J. S. B. Hodges
Rev. J. B. Dykes
Rev. J. F. Thrupp
H. Smart
A. S. Sullivan
Arr. Mendelssohn Arr. A. S. Sullivan Rev. J. B. Dykes N. W. Gade Ignace Pleyel Rev. J. B. Dykes W. F. Biddle H. J. Gauntlett Rev. J. Darwall A. S. Sullivan E. J. Hopkins J. H. Knecht A. H.Mann A. S. Cooper J. B. Dykes J. Booth W. H. Monk Rev. T. Haweis E. Prout Arr. by S. Dyer
243 236 218 330 5 47i 264
5i 61
3i7 141
262 438
J. Hart
Rev. Isaac Watts Rev. Isaac Watts James Montgomery Baron Von Canitz Rev. John Newton Anna L. Barbauld Rev. Isaac Watts
Rev. Robt. Robinson Rev. Charles Wesley
John M. Wigner C. H. Esling
W. C. Dix
Mornington St. Agnes Dedham Duke Street Haydn Alcester Forgiveness Day of Praise (Italian Hymn (1) ( Dorchester (2)
(Nettleton (1) tTrust (2) Trust
Earl of Mornington Rev. J. B. Dykes Wm. Gardiner John Hatton Joseph Haydn C. H. Lloyd G. M. Garrett Charles SteggaU F. De Giardini Waiters Psalmody Rev. A. Nettleton Mendelssohn Mendelssohn
Strength and Stay ( Come Unto Me (1) I Messiah (2)
F.  C. Maker Rev. J. B. Dykes Rev. J. B. Dykes
G.  F. Handel

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