Christian Worship Song Lyrics: Where Grief Cannot Come

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Where Grief Cannot Come
Old Gospel Song

1. So many dear friends------ I've known here below------
Are now living yonder-------- free from all woe--------.
They've budded down here------ to bloom over there---------,
There in that bright home-------- so wondrously fair.
There is a bright home------- where grief cannot come---------.
Sad partings will never be known.
No unkind words spoken----------, no hearts will be broken-------
In that bright home------ where grief cannot come.

(tag at end) Yes, in that bright home-------- where grief cannot come. (grief cannot come)

2. The River of Life--------- flows from the throne------
They say in that city-------, we'll know as we're known---------.
Beholding our Lord------- and hear His well-done-----
In that bright home------- where grief cannot come.
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