Christian Worship Song Lyrics: Something Got Hold Of Me

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Something Got Hold Of Me
Old Gospel Song

1. Oh, when I first heard of the people who claim that old time religion is real,
I said, "I'll go down, take a look at the crowd, it's just the weak-minded I feel."
But something got hold of me, yes, something got hold of me.
I went there to fight, but oh, my, that night, God surely got hold of me.

2. I walked up the steps and I looked in the door, the Devil said, "Don't you go in."
I said, "It won't hurt me, I'll just step inside, and sit as far back as I can."
3. The preacher just then his sermon began, and looked right straight down on me.
He told ev'ryone just how evil I was and seemed not to think much of me.
4. And just about then someone started to shout, he said that he knew he was saved;
All plainly could see, with no reason to doubt, salvation to him the Lord gave.
5. I said when I went that I could not stay long, that I must be home by nine;
I fell to my knees, and the fire then came down, tho' late I was feeling so fine.
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