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Six Hours On The Cross
Old Gospel Song

1. Our Savior was pray-----ing one day in the garden,
He knew that He--- must soon give His life.
He knew that He----- must go to Calvary,
I tell you, my friends-----, He paid a great price.
Six hours on the cross--- our Savior was dying,
Six hours on the cross----, Oh, what a sad time.
"My God, oh my God----, why am I forsaken?"
Six hours on the cross-----, your Savior and mine.

2. The soldiers lead Jesus---- through the judgment hall,
He suffered and bled---- for one and for all.
They crowned His head---- and spit in His face.
There was no one---- to take His place.
3. So tired and so weary---- but He couldn't lay down,
His cross was so heavy----, He fell to the ground.
Oh, sinner, repent---- and give up your pride,
Six hours on the cross---- our Savior died.
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