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Paul's Ministry
Old Gospel Song

1. The Lord said, "Stand up, Paul, and dry up your tears,
You must preach my Gospel for many long years.
Go to Damascus, the street that's called Straight.
You'll meet Ananias, and there you must wait.
I counted on Jonah, I counted on Cain,
I counted on Adam, but he was the same.
I counted on Judas, but he proved untrue.
So go tell the world, Paul, I'm counting on you."

2. Three days have gone by, Lord, and yet I don't see,
But here stands my brother talking with me.
He said, "Brother Paul, the Lord in the sky
Has sent me to heal you and open your eyes.
3. "I'll send you to the Gentiles, I'll send you to Rome,
But Paul, you must suffer till I call you home.
You'll sleep in the desert, you'll be shipwrecked at sea,
But keep right on preaching my Gospel for Me."
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