Christian Worship Song Lyrics: I Know You Would

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I Know You Would
Old Gospel Song

1. If I should somehow stray away from all that's pure and good
And wake up somewhere I thought I never would.
When You heard me calling, without wondering if You should
Would You long to hold me, I know You would.
Lord, I know You'd find me, 'cause that's the way You are,
Like the Shepherd searching for the lamb that wandered far.
I'm sure I'll never leave You, but realizing that I could.
It's comforting to know You'd love me. I know You would, I know You would.

2. If I should take back from You what I gave to You to hold
And take it out and waste it on fun or fame or gold.
When You saw it lying there, stained among the goods,
Would You buy it back with love? I know You would.
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