Christian Worship Song Lyrics: I Can't Make It Alone

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I Can't Make It Alone
Old Gospel Song

1. I am now on my way to that kingdom of day,
Where my friends and my loved ones have gone.
I am just a stranger here, Blessed Lord linger near,
I'm afraid I can't make it alone.
When I come (When at last I come) Blessed Lord (Blessed Savior, Lord)
To the end (To the final end) of my journey (journey here below.)
And my life here on earth is almost gone.(Hold my trembling hand) Guide me, Lord,(Guide my safely, Lord.)
Through this dark (Take me through this dark) lonesome valley (valley as I go).
I'm afraid I can't make it alone.
Tag: Yes, I know I can't make it alone.

2. I've a home over there in that mansion so fair,
And I'm planning to stay for so long.
Blessed Lord hold my hand, till I reach Heaven's strand.
I'm afraid I can't make it alone.
3. At the end of the way, let me, Lord, hear you say,
Come up here, faithful one, you're my own.
When I reach Jordan wide, guide me o'er the other side,
For I know I can't make it alone.
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