Christian Worship Song Lyrics: Homesick Look

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Homesick Look
Old Gospel Song

1. If your eyes tell the story of what's really on your mind,
Then I can see you'll soon be leaving this old world far behind.
There's no way that you can hide it, not even if you try.
I can see that going home look in your eyes.
You've got that 'going home' look, that, 'oh, it won't be long' look.
That 'soon I'll be gone' look in your eyes.
And I know the Lord's appearing, it will come as no surprise,
'Cause I can see that 'going home' look in your eyes.

2. It's so easy to see you're more than ready to go,
'Cause you've got that certain look, and you've got that special glow.
It's the look of a winner who will soon receive his prize,
And I can see that 'going home' look in your eyes.
CHORUS: (twice)
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