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He Is Lord
Dale Grotenhuis

 Emptied of His glory, God became a man|To walk on earth in ridicule and shame;
A Ruler yet a Servant, a Shepherd yet a Lamb,|A Man of sorrows, agony, and pain.

 Humbled and rejected, beaten and despised,|Upon the cross the Son of God was slain;
Just like a lamb to slaughter: a sinless Sacrifice,|But by His death His loss became our gain.

 He is Lord, He is Lord!|He has risen from the dead and He is Lord!
Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess|that Jesus Christ is Lord!

 Satan's forces crumbled like a mighty wall,|The stone that held Him in was rolled aside;
The Prince of Life in glory was lifted over all,|Now earth and heaven echo with the cry!

 You are Lord, You are Lord!|You have risen from the dead and You are Lord!
And my knee shall bow, and my tongue confess|that Jesus Christ is Lord!

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