Christian Worship Song Lyrics: Come On In

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Come On In
Old Gospel Song

Come on in --- there's still room in the family.
Come on in ---- there's still rest for the weary soul.
Come on in --- feel the joy that awaits you.
Come on in, make yourself at home, and let it bless your soul.

1. If you're tired from the struggle of a weary day,
And it seems like you could fall to the ground.
Jesus promised in His Word, that He would give you rest,
Lift your eyes to the sky, feel that sweetness coming down.
2. Now this road that you're walking, it's rough and so rocky,
And it hurts your feet to walk along the way.
Just walk a little farther, our new home is just ahead,
One more hill, one more curve, you will hear Jesus say:
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