Christian Worship Song Lyrics: Bring Me Out Of The Desert

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Bring Me Out Of The Desert
Old Gospel Song

1. Cloud by day and fire by night, the Lord He led them on their way,
Singin' and a-prayin' and a-praisin' His name as they trod that very day.
On good manna He did feed them every single day.
He said, "Don't store up for tomorrow, but joyfully fill yourselves today."
He's gonna bring me out of the desert where it's so dusty and dry
He's gonna bring me out of the desert, He'll not leave me here to die.
He's gonna take me where the water is flowing so full and so free.
He's gonna bring me out of the desert and set my feet where they ought to be.

2. So long I have stood here with sand up to my knees
Praying and trusting, Lord, I beg You, oh, please bring me relief.
Won't You show me a sign from heaven that You've not forgotten me?
Take me out of this sandy desert to the garden of Eden I see.
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