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And On That Day
Phil Keaggy

;Verses 1 and 2 before Chorus

1 In a little corner of the world lived a maiden,
2And as she listened to the voice with her gaze upon the splendor
3 In a little time there would be a cele_____bration
1Pure in heart, good in deed, full of grace, gentle rose;
2Love em_braced her open heart, and she conceived the holy Lord.
3Eliza___beth would bear a son, they will call his name John.
1An an___gelic salu____tation for the Word's annunciation-2"
Be_____hold the handmaid, be___hold your servant,
3He will go before the Lord as a faithful messenger
1She's to be the chosen mother of Jesus, our Lord.
2Be it done unto me ac_______cording to Your word."
3He'll prepare the way for the Lamb who is to come.

 And on that day was put in motion the means of our redemption,
And a way was opened up as a highway to our God;
And a child was born to us, and to us a Son was given,
Through the young and blessed Mary came the greatest Gift of all.

 Holy, holy, holy Redeemer, Holy, holy is the Lord;
Blessed is He who comes to free us,
Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.

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