Christian Worship Song: Waves Of Grace

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Waves Of Grace
by David Noble

D              A        Em         G
The walls are high, the walls are strong
D                      A
I've been locked in this castle
Em               G
That I've built for far too long
D              A           Em           G
You have surrounded me, a sea on every side
D               A                Em            G
The cracks are forming and I've got nowhere to hide

Now I see
Em                     G
The walls I've built are falling
D                  A       Em   G
And your waves of grace are washing over me

My heart's been hard, I have been blind
I have often worked so hard to keep you from my mind
I have ruled my life, in a palace built on sand
I want you to reign, Lord, take me by the hand

Lord please reign in every part
I give my life to you
I open up my heart
I want to be like you, I want to seek your face
O Lord please wash me in your awesome waves of grace

Words and Music by David Noble

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