Christian Worship Song: The King Of Love

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The King Of Love
by Stuart Townend

            E                               F#m 
The King of love is my delight. His eyes are fire, His face is light 
              A                                 E       A 
The First and Last, the Living One. His name is Jesus 
And from His mouth there comes a sound 
That shakes the earth splits the ground 
            A                                  E        A 
And yet this voice is life to me. The voice of Jesus 

    E                              F#m          
And I will sing my songs of love, calling out across the earth the 
A                                   E 
King has come, the King of love has come 
And troubled minds can know His peace, captive hearts can be released 
    A                                   E 
The King has come, the King of love has come 

VERSE 2:         
          E                                  F#m 
My lovers breath is sweetest wine. I am His prize and He is mine 
          A                                E      A 
How can a sinner know such joy? Because of Jesus 
              E                                   F#m 
The wounds of love are in His hands. The price is paid for sinful man 
         A                              E     A 
Accepted child, forgiven son because of Jesus 

And my desire is to have You near 
Lord You know that You are welcome here 
B                                            F#m                 A
Before such love, before such grace, I will let the walls come down

1997 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Words and Music by Stuart Townend and Kevin Jamieson

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