Christian Worship Song: The Beauty Of The Lily

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The Beauty Of The Lily
by Bruce Ellis

        D     F#m7   G                 A
I will fear not, for You are my provider
D                F#m7       G                A
And all my days, are resting in Your hands
             Bm           A/C#
For the birds that fly
              G                         A
Neither sow nor do they harvest
       Bm      A/C#
Yet still so free
G                       A
Surely You are Lord

        Bm      F#m7 Em7
The beauty of the lily
A7                    D
You love them dearly
Gmaj7                           D/F#         Em7 A
Never was Solomon's splendor ever so fine
                  Bm F#m7 Em7
And if you care for the lily
A7                              D
What more for Your children
Gmaj7             D
All that you've promised
              Cmaj7 A
You will provide

1994 D'Vine Music (Admin by. D'Vine Music)
Words and Music by Bruce Ellis

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