Christian Worship Song: Stones Weve Gathered

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Stones Weve Gathered
by Darryl Schott

Foote Capo 2

E                        B G#madd9
We are children of one family,
Disciples in one holy school;

Sheep in one flock and part of one body,
For the sake of the body...broken for us.

For we have tasted and seen the Lord,
And have seen that the Lord is good;

Our stones we gather and set at His feet,
And build upon His firm...His firm foundation.

          E/G#            A              B
      One Father, one Teacher, one Shepherd, one Redeemer,
      One High Priest, one Bridegroom -
      E/A                      E/B
      To Him our lives we surrender!
       Unify us, Holy Spirit.   Let our praises resound on earth.
       Rose of Sharon, Author of faith -
      To You our lives we surrender!

2000, Darryl Schott
Words and Music by Darryl Schott

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