Christian Worship Song: Save Us Oh God

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Save Us Oh God
by Vineyard

G      C   G                 C
 We confess the sins of our nation
G                 C     Am7              D
 And Lord we are guilty of a prayerless life
G               C  G                      C
 We've turned away  our hearts from Your laws
G                     C     Am7              D
 And have taken for granted Your unchanging grace
G       C  G                     C
 Turn away  this curse from our country
G                   C                 Am7              D
 We say that we've robbed You and our storehouses are bare
G      C   G                   C
 Open wide  the floodgates of heaven
G              C     Am7                  D
 Rebuke the devourer so we may not be destroyed

C                       G              C               G
 You said that if we'd humble ourselves and begin to pray
C                    G                Am7                 D
 You would heal our barren land and cleanse us with Your rain

C              G   C                     G
 Don't pass us by,  let this be the generation Lord
C                    G                D
 That lifts up Your name to all the world
C            G  C                       G
 Save us oh God,  save a people for yourself oh Lord
C                     G              D  G    Am7  G
 Let the fear of the Lord be their standard
C            G   C                         G
 Save us oh God,   cleanse us from our unfaithfulness
C                        G                 D         C
 Let the place where we live be called a house of prayer

1991 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Kevin Prosch

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