Christian Worship Song: Reaching For You

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Reaching For You
by Raymond Badham

INTRO:  C - G/B - Gm7/Bb - F/A - C - G/B - Dm7 - F2
{Piano, Keyboard Filler}

C                 G/B
I cant believe the way
Gm7/Bb          F/A
Your love has got a hold on me
C                            G/B  Dm7 F2
Each morning I wake to find You near
C                        G/B
Your lift me above my fears
Gm7/Bb       F/A              C 
And set my feet on solid ground
G/B                Dm7     F
All of my days belong to You

F#m7          C#m7
And I breathe in Your
D                  Esus4       C#/F  F#m7
Breathe of life that fills my heart
Dm6/F        A/E      B7/D#   D   D/E
You are my all consuming fire

E       A2 
And I stand here before You
F#m9 F#m7   F#m9 F#m7
In wide-opended wonder
Bm7           Esus4 E  A    Bm7
Amazed at the Glory of You
E    A2
The power of heaven
  F#m9 F#m7  F#m9 F#m7  Bm7
Revealing Your purpose in me
         Esus4     E   D2
As Im reaching for You

Words and Music by Raymond Badham

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